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Different ways to use MyGel- Flax Seed Gel 



The Perfect wash and go. On freshly washed, soaking wet, conditioned and detangled hair pour a quarter size amount of MyGel into the palm of  your hand. Rub your hands together and then scrunch through each section of hair. We suggest that you put some at the root to help tame the frizz. Please note that you will not need to use a ton of the product because it 

  • Carmella Marie MyGel Flax seed gel all natural hair care products for the perfect wash n gois not watered down at all. For best results we suggest that  you use Treasure natural styling cream and then apply MyGel. Our MyGel Flax seed flexible holding gel will help your natural curls pop even more!  For the best twist out evah we recommend Treasure Natural Styling Cream first and then MyGel flax seed gel. If you are twisting on dry hair instead of wet freshly washed hair we recommend that you use a small amount of Treasure Natural Styling Cream because it is very thick.




  • For the relaxed chemically treated hair. At night, take a dime size amount of MyGel and rub it through your hair (hair should not be soaking wet just lightly covered) wrap your hair in circular motion and then put your silk scarf on it. In the morning comb your hair down and you will see how light fluffy and full of volume your hair will be!


  • For Locs. MyGel flax seed gel  is a great option to palm roll your hair. Even though it is light weight it can give you a great hold without any of the stickiness once it dries. To maintain MyGel flax seed gel all natural hair care products to maintain your locs the shine in between uses we recommend that you spray your hair with our M2 Moisture Mist. This product will reduce itching, and help to promote a healthy scalp as well as leave your hair looking healthy and full of shine.  


Please be on the look out for more information on how to use CM products. These are just a few of the many ways to best use Carmella Marie’s MyGel flaxseed gel







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