About CM

Why I started Carmella Marie

Women with textured hair often times feel as if their hair isn’t good enough. I started Carmella Mare as the result realizing that who I am is more than enough and I wanted to share that same message with other women. My beauty, ideas and skills are valid and once I started to see that I began to live a more joyous life. Yes, Carmella Marie produces and sells products that help women combat their number one problem, dry and brittle hair, but most importantly when the CM team is in the building  our mission is to make sure  women leave knowing “Who they are is more than enough.” We bring value and we sell hope.

What is the hope?  The hope is that the natural hair journey can be a happy one. The hope is that someone takes out time to understand the pains of self-hate then take time to pull out  the beauty that has always been there, hidden from us and often times hard to see when looking in the mirror. Carmella Marie is more than just a product line for curly hair. Carmella Marie is the woman who can bring any room to life. Carmella Marie is that spirit of adventure and she is always excited! People often times emulate what they see; if they can see all of this through the Carmella Marie brand I believe that this company can start a movement, a #CROWNFOCUSED movement.  


It’s All In the Name

Who knew a popular Italian name, Carmella, given to a little black girl on September 21, 1982, would decide the course of my life forever. “Everything is in a name, for it is the one golden opportunity to get it right,” unknown. Through research, I have discovered that people with the name Carmella tend to be idealistic, inspirational, highly imaginative and visionaries. I have gradually grown into each of these characteristics over the course of my life. I must say, my mother got it right!

As for the second part of the company’s name, Marie, that is not my middle name, it’s Maria. However, Marie reminds me of my grandmother, Mary, and I am a part of her legacy. I cannot be her so I consider myself a “mini me” or a “little Mary,” thus Marie. Marie is a reminder of the work ethic instilled in my mother by my grandmother. Marie has the ability to make something wonderful out of nothing much. Thus Carmella Marie Natural Hair Care. The little Marie inside of each of our family members is what makes us stand out from the rest and so will Carmella Marie’s Natural Hair Care Products.