A Natural Girl's Holiday Sparkle

A Natural Girl's Holiday Sparkle

How to Get that Holiday Sparkle

By Alfrie Davis

Natural Curls Naturally Frie

If you are like me during the holiday season, you're running from store to store, preparing the home for family or getting all glammed up to eat grandma's homemade mac and cheese. Being Natural during the holidays can sometimes be a lump of coal! But don't worry, be thankful because here are some tips to keep your crown shinning just as bright!  During the winter season you hair needs more moisture than ever! To avoid dry brittle hair, I use Carmella Marie's Treasure with Mango butter at night before going to sleep with a satin bonnet of course! This way, I can ensure my curls are fully moisturized for the day ahead and has had time to work its magic through my scalp. 

When Its wash day and I am looking to add that extra sparkle for my holiday gatherings. I use Carmella Marie's deep conditioner with hibiscus to revive my curls from the manipulation of the past week. This allows my strands to rehydrate and enables my styling to result in great #fleekness! After completing my signature flat twist out, I perfect my styling with an adding touch of sparkle by grabbing a bow or headband with shoes to run the world and I am decked for the holidays!


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