Hair Tip #6: More Water Please

Hair Tip #6: More Water Please

Natural Hair Tip #6:

Why you should drink more water

natural hair tip # 6: Drink more Water: PinkWater is what I like to call "Nature's Fruit Juice." In order to build healthier hair and a healthier body you must drink more water because it will hydrate your hair from the inside out.  So if your hair is a bit brittle this winter season the first question you need to ask yourself is, "How much water am I drinking?" If it is not at least 60 ounces or 4 bottles of water you are not drinking enough.

According to Durable Health water supports vitamin intake and assists in efficient and healthy hair growth. Water makes Almost 25% of the weight of a hair strand. Thus, it makes sense to drink enough of water each day to acquire gleaming and healthy tresses. I can imagine some of you saying, "Well I don't like the way water tastes." To that I would say add some lemon, lime, a piece of fresh mint or some berries and that water will truly become your own personalized "Nature's Fruit Juice." 

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