Hair Tip # 9: Be Gentle

Hair Tip # 9: Be Gentle

Natural Hair Tip #9

Be gentle with your curly, coily, kinky hair

natural hair tip #9: Be GentleIt's important that you remember to be gentle with your hair, especially since the cold winter season is upon us. Our hair has a tendency to be a bit more drier.
First, I suggest that you finger detangle your hair using a water + oil + conditioner mix In a spray bottle. By doing this you are preparing to have less tangles during the shampoo and conditioning process.
I also suggest that you use a Denman brush or The Felicia Leatherwood brush to detangle once your hair is soaking wet (during the washing or conditioner stages; I personally do the wash stage). Please note either brush will make your wash day the best wash day EVAH!

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