Hair Tip #10: Stretched Hair

Hair Tip #10: Stretched Hair

Natural Hair Tip #10

For Extreme Shrinkage

natural hair tip for curly hair
If your hair is tightly coiled and is prone to a large amount of shrinkage and you've rocked that puff a little too long I recommend detangling in medium to large chunks with a moisturizing detangler (M2) getting the chunks moist but not soaked, putting them into two-strand twists, THEN washing.




Benefits of starting wash day with two-strand twist 

1. You can trim your ends if needed

2. Provides easy access to scalp

3. Makes the process of detangling, blowdrying, or styling after a wash much easier


If you have any questions please feel free to ask me; I want to make your natural hair journey an enjoyable.  Email me at or DM me on Instagram or follow me on SnapChat (CarmellaMarie30)

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