Natural Hair Tip #12 Shampooing

Natural Hair Tip #12 Shampooing

Natural Hair Tip #12

Shampooing is important

Please be certain to give your hair a deep cleansing so that you can clear up any build up. If a hair cuticle is clean and free to breathe it will perform much better. If your hair is free of build up that means it can absorb new products. This also means it will perform better.

tips for natural hair: clean hair is important for good styling

 I shampoo my hair with a sulfate free clarifying shampoo that does get the hair squeaky clean once every 1-2 months. But in between I use my gentle cleanser and others may use a co-wash. I adjust based on the weather, and needed outcome. Why? Because our hair is ever changing. In my life span I will have had roughly 7 different changes occur to my hair, it is adjusting just as my body is adjusting to this life.


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