Natural Hair Tip #13: Let your Fro Out

Natural Hair Tip #13: Let your Fro Out

Just let your Fro Live it's life

Natural Hair Tip #13

I keep seeing the following words and phrases being used by the natural hair community: Natural Hair isn't for everybody. I am trying to Tame my natural hair. My Natural hair is so Unmanageable. In response what I have to say is that this natural hair journey is so much more than just about hair, but it is about self acceptance, patience, self love and grit. We should not tame our hair but train our hair.

natural hair tip #13 let your fro be free

For so long it has never lived free (for most) if its always been chained and tamed by the perm, quick weak, box braids, hot comb or what ever... You know what your Fro wants some days? To be free. It wants to be fluffed and picked out. So that is the natural hair tip for the day Flaunt Your Fro. Let it do what it do for at least one day and yes you may feel a little uncomfortable but it will be so liberating.  Plus you have all that hair on top of your head!!! I call that VOLUME!!!!  Don't hid it, Flaunt your Fro.


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