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The Natural Hair Journey Cut Short?

You are Never Alone

The Natural Hair Community is here to educate, encourage and support. As the owner of Carmella Marie I have made it my mission to reach out to as many women as possible who feel that they cannot go any further or need help with their Natural Hair Journey. I consider the NHJ to be a metaphor for life. Through out this journey one can learn many things about self and about society as a whole. My dream is to help as many women as possible fall in love with their hair regardless of length, texture or curl pattern. 
Often times women of color feel as if they have to put a relaxer in their hair after 3 or 6 months into their natural hair journey because they can't get the shine they want or the control or it's just "too nappy." To that I say give your hair a chance for once give your self a chance to experience your true self.  As a people we have over come greater adversity.
So please do not let your natural hair, frustrate you to the point where you give up while in the transitioning stages. Think of it as a potential nominee for an Oscar. Imagine that you are a member of the Academy, and you have the opportunity to nominate your natural hair or permed hair as the best "lead actress" or hair option in this case. Would your Oscars Award ceremony be labeled as #OscarsSoWhite because you would rather have fine, long, hair that blows in the wind? Or would you flaunt your #BlackGirlMagic by giving your natural hair a chance to defy gravity on its own? Either way, the choice is up to you! Nevertheless, if you feel as if you are the only one having difficulty please note that you are Never Alone.
Which brings me to the point of this picture! These girls are totally flaunting their curls and they are beautiful!!!Never Alone Natural Hair Journey This picture inspired me to write this blog post. It is also posted on the Instagram account where I wrote, "When you think that you cannot go any further in your natural hair journey or this life, remember that you are not alone, someone somewhere out there is looking up to you, loves you and need you to always #FlauntyourCURLS and always #FlauntyourFRO"
Remember, the natural hair journey is a metaphor for your life. If you have doubts, questions or need to talk please feel free to reach out by dialing 234-201-5310 (that is the CM office number, please leave a message) or email at info@CarmellaMarie.net. Take care and know that who you are is beautiful inside and out.
Carmella Marie.

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