Cara has wavy red hair and she loves Carmella Marie's Honey Hibiscus Deep Conditioner

Cara with Wavy Hair: CM Deep Conditioner

Cara's Opinion on CM Deep Conditioner 

Carmella Marie Deep Conditioner

I'm into the Carmella Marie deep conditioner. It smells good, is thick and really soaks into my hair. It looks like a delicious strawberry smoothie, and a lot of the ingredients are edible (but not all). It's got honey hibiscus to "naturally soften and smoothen hair." It's cute packaging, too for a small brand.

The Hair Flair Brush

The Hair Flair brush we go in with two different bristle types is one of the best detangling brushes I have used. I had some pretty ratted up hair and it trucked through it without ripping or breaking my hair and minimal finger detangling mixed in. It's nice and gentle on my fine hairs.

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