curly girl secret #4 DIY Deep conditioner for protein sensitive curls

Curly Girl Secret # 4 DIY Protein Sensitive DC


Naptural85's DC from 2014

Curly Girl Secret #4: For Protein Sensitive Curls

In search of some of the best DIY deep conditioners I always go to Whitney aka Naptural85 she makes amazing deep conditioners that will help you get through this cold dry winter season. Please watch her and enjoy. For more great videos from Naptural85 Click Here.

From Naptural85naptural85's 2014 DIY deep conditioner for protein sensitive curls

"A WORD ABOUT PROTEIN SENSITIVITY: If you're protein sensitive, please remember to test a small hidden patch first before committing to the entire head. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution, so please use caution as every woman reacts to various ingredients differently. Bananas and coconut milk contain a small amount of protein. However, some protein sensitive women love using bananas and/or coconut milk to condition. Some, do not and cannot handle ANY amount of protein. So please test a small amount to figure out where you stand. This mixture is not "Protein-Free" but is geared towards those who have "Protein-Sensitivities" based on ingredients that have been recorded to work well.

My new favorite DIY homemade deep conditioner for protein sensitive natural hair! I made it specifically for my viewers with protein sensitivity, but it works amazingly even if you're not protein sensitive! My dry natural hair was extremely moisturized and shiny after just one application! Definitely give it a try! Whether you're natural, relaxed, have a protein sensitivity or not, you're sure to love this mixture! I hope it helps!"

XoXo!! Nap

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