Curly Girl Secret: 4 Hair types Carmella Marie

Curly Girl Secret: 4 Hair Types

4 Hair Types with 6 Sub-Classifications

Hair Typing

"A system that classifies hair texture based on curl pattern, density, width and porosity, to determine how best to care for, and style hair"

type 1--naturally straight

type 2--loose wavy

type 3--curly hair

type 4--coily hair


Types 3 and 4 have sub-classification of A-C based on diameter of hair curl and coil.

3a Curl diameter of a nickel; 3b curl diameter of a dime; 3c curl diameter of a straw 

4a Coil diameter of a knitting needle; 4b coil diameter of an ink pen spring and can bend in sharp “z” shaped angles; 4c even smaller with a very tight zigzag pattern, and no coil at all

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