How to get curls that last over 4 days

How to get curls that last over 4 days

Naturally Curly Hair Tips on how to use MyGel Flaxseed Gel

Carmella Marie Family Hair Tips from Robbie E. 

First, I apply the M2 Leave in moisturizer to my curly hair. Next I put quarter sized amounts of Mygel in my palm, rub together and start applying to the front. I start with the front curls because the parts next to my face are the most dry and more prone to frizz. I work through the two front sections then I put more gel on my hands and apply to the rest of my hair from the middle to end [I kind of apply from the ear down].

I add a bit more at a specific area at the back of my head which I know needs some additional hold. I think we all have one or two of those spots that need extra product. Afterwards I distribute the product by using a Denman brush. I flip my hair upside down and brush it through in vertical sections. I use this method so my hair won't be super flat because it would if I just brushed it down. Once it is all done I put a little bit more hair Mygel on my ends just by raking it in. Then I sit for 10-15 minutes and either air dry or do a little bit of diffusing

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