what products you need to use on curly coily kinky dry hair in order to get moisturized curls that last

How to get moisturized curls that last for 5+ days

How to get that curl action like Carmella Marie 
8 Steps to a great twist out 

  1. Wet your hair and detangle hair with a leave in
  2. Co-wash your hair using honey hibiscus deep conditioner and divide into 4 sections
  3. Apply a quarter size amount of Treasure and Hair Lotion to each section of soaking wet hair and then
  4. Lightly apply MyGel Flaxseed Gel. ( Keep a spray bottle to keep the hair damp while twisting)
  5. Put your hair in medium 2 strand twists & leave your hair in the those twist for at least 5-7 days (4 twists per section more if you want highly defined curls )
  6. The day you take out your twists, Apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil heavily on the hair and scalp
  7. Pull apart your twists, once
  8. Then, pull apart each section of the unravelled twist once fluff and style.
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