How to properly take down a flat twist.

How to properly take down a flat twist.

Flat Twist Take Down

Meet Kim Jackson one of the hair models for Carmella Marie's Let's Talk Hair: The Mane Event. This event will be Saturday, September 24 at Youngstown State University, in Youngstown, Ohio (approximately 1 hour from both Cleveland and Pittsburgh). 

Her results are amazing!

product for naturally curly hair: Carmella Marie Tutorial

Kim's hair routine is thorough: Please read what she did below each picture.

"Washed hair, oiled scalp with coconut, Shea and cocoa butter. Did a two strand twist out using Carmella Marie MyGel and Treasure Natural Styling Cream. Allowed hair to dry over night."

How to take down flat twists: hair tip use oil: products for naturally curly hair product tutorial for Carmella Marie

"Apply oil to fingers and carefully take down the two strand twists."

Natural Hair Tip: Applying oil to your fingers will help keep your hair from frizzing.

Product for Naturally Curly Hair: Tutorial for Carmella Marie: Flax seed gel

"Sprayed Carmella Marie's Moisturizing Mist, picked it out a little, LOVE MY SOFT BOUNCY CURLS"


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