Curly Girl Secret #3 Inexpensive Hair Products for Any Budget

Curly Girl Secret #3 Inexpensive Hair Products for Any Budget

All Natural Products for Any Budget

By: Jenell B. Stewart

This Curly Girl Secret #3 is just in time for the holidays. As we approach Christmas we want to remember our small and women owned business that are operating across the United States and abroad. Women owned businesses are one of the fastest growing segments to date. I am so proud to say that I personal know one of the owners at Ever Butter. She is from Detroit and has been so kind to the Carmella Marie Team since we met at The Embrace the Natural You Event this past fall. Check out Ever Butter and the other brands that Jenelle of talks about. Please leave comments below on your thoughts. Remember these are curly girl secrets... so don't tell a soul.  


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I finally got to use your Hair lotion sample that was mailed to my house. I like it a lot, but when I tried to find stores that sell it, I found out it was discontinued. Do you have something that replaces it?


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