The Best Deep Conditioner on the Market!

The Best Deep Conditioner on the Market!

If you have dry brittle, damaged hair, then Carmella Marie Honey Hibiscus Deep Conditioner will help make your next hair care day an amazing one!

Here's Why:
1. Honey is the Great Moisturizer that smooths hair and adds shine.
2. Hibiscus is the Great Stimulator of growth and it also combats dandruff and dryness.
3. This product does not contain any Shea Butter and it deeply conditions all hair types and that includes, wavy hair, curly hair, coily hair and kinky hair. 

Fact: Won 2018 Editor's Choice Award for the Best Deep Conditioner in 2 different categories: Wavy and Curly Coily.

Order online today on Amazon or the Carmella Marie Site

Or Purchase at 1 of the 3 local locations:
1. Common Goods Studio 2000 Canfield Rd. Youngstown Ohio
2. All In one Beauty Supply Store 3420 Market St Youngstown Ohio
3. Giant Eagle Churchill Commons 47 Belmont Ave. Youngstown Ohio

google review: Honey Hibiscus deep conditioner made my hair super soft and tamed my frizz

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