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Carmella Marie on Building Healthy Hair

Hey dolls! I wanted to come to you all and share a new amazing find of mine! For the past month I have been using a new product on the market called B3 Natural Hair Cream by a Fearfully Fashioned woman known as Carmella Marie. Since using the B3 Natural Hair Cream I have noticed that my hair has been softer, more manageable, and I have been retaining more length. I love highlighting women of color on this site and these new natural hair products that she has created are definitely worth trying! Below is a product list along with descriptions and not to mention more information about the wonderful Carmella! Stay Fearfully Fashioned!



Carmella M. Williams is the founder and natural formulator of Carmella Marie Natural Hair Care. Carmella loves to cook, loves learning new things and with her background in research she took her secret love for chemistry and creative ideas to formulate the 1st CM Product, B3 Natural Hair Cream. With her optimistic outlook and outstanding work ethic Carmella is building a company that is both visible and a help to her local community. Carmella Marie is committed to developing products to help all hair types build healthy tresses, ringlets, coils, kinks or curls. The company seeks to inspire others with visionary ideas and approaches to not only building healthy hair but also a healthier individual from the inside out.


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