B3 Natural Hair Cream: Brief Introduction

B3 Natural Hair Cream Moisturizes and Strengthens Black Hair


B3 Natural Hair Cream

  •  Full of vitamins
  •  Locks in moisture 
  •  Prevents breakage
  •  Strengthens hair
  •  Prevents split ends
  •  Has the protein your hair needs
B3 Natural Hair Cream moisturizes and strengthens your hair. You can use B3 Natural Hair Cream to seal your ends also known as the Loc Method. This method gives your curls the ability to go days without re-moisturizing them if you use M2 Moisture Mist and B3 Natural Hair Cream together. What sets the Loc Method apart from other methods is the layering of products in a specific order to maximize moisture retention. Excellent sealants are oils and butters, both of which are all in this product.

B3 is the second part of the locking method which adds moisture and shine.


B3 Natural Hair Cream Made with Cocoa Butter

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