Healthy Mind, Healthy Spirit, Healthy Hair.

Written by: Jaime A. Jacobs  Editor of

Spring is on the horizons and it’s the best time of the year to refresh and renew your New Years expectations, celebrate your current successes-even if you’ve fallen off the wagon a bit (It’s okay, keep at it) and to reinvigorate your spiritual passions. Whether your next goal is to be spiritually balanced sporting a #washnGO or summertime fine with a healthy and hydrated protective style, the effort you put into your tresses and all of your other goals stems from the amount of clarity and spiritual balance you have in your mind and spirit.

A great way to begin evaluating and sorting your goals is to write it down! Physically write out your goals and also list the next step to making this lifestyle change.

Example: “I want to style my hair more often, the puffs are cute but redundant”

-Watch Youtube videos on styling hair similar to my texture.

-Follow @carmellamarie30 , @mz_tammy etc.

-Try one new style per week!

Remember to know and love yourself and your hair will grow! Give yourself the gift of patience to achieve your goals. Remember to follow us on social media to share your healthy hair and mind goals questions. Take advantage of caring for your hair in the best way! Get only the ingredients you want and love in your Carmella Marie hair care products. Inquire about the custom line TODAY!

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