My Hair/Life Story


My Hair Story: It Has Always Been More Than Just About Hair 

By Carmella M. Williams

 As soon as we are born into this world we begin a journey of growth; the desire to learn and move with out fear is a natural instinct. Unfortunately, for most of us things change as we are introduced to the physical and psychological monsters of the world. We let fear, doubt and self-pity cause us to be content with less than what God has in store for us. This was my story. I stopped believing in the abilities given to me and started relying on others to do for me what I felt I could not do for myself. My dreams died and I became a hermit. I subconsciously hid myself from the wold; I had given up on life. However God planted encouraging friends and family members in my life who helped push me out of my comfort zone. God, the redeemer of time and restorer of all things good sent me on a journey of self-discovery. This journey went against the grain and against all things normally expected of me. I set out on a natural hair journey. Going natural didn't change me immediately, but once I opened that door I walked through it and never looked back. Whether you are far into your journey or just opening the door “Let’s Talk Hair”.

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