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Paving Your Own Lane: An Advice Blog About Investing in Your Own Interests

Written by: Jaime A. Jacobs  Editor of

 For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.

-Harry F. Banks

We're all women on the come up, right? If we weren't we wouldn't be strapping up our stilettos to confront the grind on a daily basis or investing in ourselves by using Ohio's #1 natural hair care company Carmella Marie. In a study conducted by Forbes, venture-backed companies that include females as senior executives are more likely to succeed than companies with only men in charge, according to Women at the Wheel: "Do Female Executives Drive Start-Up Success."

Companies within the world of natural hair alone have demonstrated just how powerful our perspectives and opinions are and how hard we're willing to work to get to the "top". But are these leading ladies equipped with the best leadership skills? Are you? As social media leads the pack by being one of the leading and surely the most popular methods of communications around, it can become easy to be distracted by social influences which may or may not alter your image about your interests and others interests as well. Are you being clouded by the judgement of the masses or are staying true to your interests and forming your own billion dollar brands?

Spring is the best time to start something new! Begin this chapter of your year by investing more time and focus into what genuinely increases your well being and wealth! Here are three ways to put yourself in a frame of mind to think creatively and WIN!

  1. When starting a unique new venture it's important to understand that ridicule (aka hate) will come with the territory. Even Jesus had haters so on that fact, you'll be fine.
  2. Starting a venture solely because it looks like it's getting lots of social media attention is never a good idea. People may share interests but passions are unique and your lane should be leading north toward the road less traveled.
  3. Beyonce wasn't built in a day. All great works take time to establish and share with the masses. Work on the integrity and the creativity of your project. If its genuine to you, it will shine through your work and will be perceived by many to be as valuable as you say.

Already have an idea that you'd like to begin launching? Go for it!

-Remember to stay true to the essence of your business and worry less about the competition. Always remember that it's okay(necessary) to carve out a space for your own dreams to flourish.

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