Motherhood and Natural Hair: Pick a struggle!

Motherhood and Natural Hair

Written by: Jaime A. Jacobs  Editor of


Motherhood and Natural Hair.

According to the 2013 census there were 44.2 million mothers and counting. Needless to say, moms are running this thang! If not by absolute power and selflessness then by numbers! Now lets just imagine that the shows we see on TLC like '27& COUNTING' and 'Dave and Grace plus 88' (ha ha) actually have a more manageable number of kids and they all have natural hair! No wonder brands like Carmella Marie are needed by so many people across the country and the world. We've taken over.

But if I'm keeping it real it's not all glitz and glamour. As a matter of fact Instagram has it twisted. It's pure work and you find the glamour in the imperfections. But are our baby naturals just as liberated as we are? For many natural kids across the world they're living in the beginning of a wide spread Curl Power movement and handling your hair and emotions along with theirs can cause friction, without balance.

 I've come to find that a few regimen changes and style selections offer versatility to children and a stress free, time conscious alternative to an advanced or multi- tiered process for both you and the many little naturals that you may have to beautify.


-Find a product that you both love!

How do you know if you love a product? Ask your self these questions:

  1. Have I tried this previously?
  2. If so, what were the results?
  3. If not, what is in the product? (Ingredients)
  4. Is the price point reasonable?
  5. (After trying the product) Did it do what it says it's made to do? Did I get the look I wanted? Did it offer relief as a detangler? Will I purchase this again?

*Try the CM Treasure 

Styling: Low manipulation with proper conditioning is always a plus for both you and the kids! Consider decorating your tresses in similar protective styles. This gives you a plan and an ETA on completion! Ha Ha!

Some children need weekly styling due to frizz or conditioning regimen. Adults stretch their styles longer anyway and that gives you only one restyle to do for that week!

In addition to styling techniques, open conversations about curl patterns, wellness and even local events like the ones featured on are a great way for children to bond and experience natural hair. After all, Mothers Day is just around the corner! For parents with younger naturals an open conversation about naturals in their schools, in films and on their favorite shows are indicators of extra examples of their hair and its magnitude. Teenage naturals may consider experimenting with techniques they've learned on YouTube! You can explore or even record an online journal to share more than just hair and build a stronger bond between you and your young adult.

Remember also that natural hair is many things to many people and your reason for being natural may be completely different from other parents and judgment isn’t the answer. It's education. Consider sharing a Carmella Marie Mother's Day box with a family that you want to bless and educate with the #1 natural hair care line in Ohio!

(Pictured above: Carmella and her Mother Lorinda)

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