CM 10 Day Challenge: Affirmation List

In preparation for the CM 10 Day Challenge I wrote down my affirmation list. I will read this affirmation list to myself everyday for the the next 10 days and beyond.

I will not sabotage my day, week, month, life, plans or projects

I am worthy of Love

I Treasure my Hair

My natural hair is beautiful

I deserve to win

I will be consistent

I will not make excuses

I will finish what I start

I will not be so hard on myself

I will acknowledge and celebrate my successes

I will not waste time

Everyday I make amazing progress towards achieving my goals (@BeFreeProject)

I am an awesome woman... future wife.. future mother

All that I am, who I am is more than enough 

This CM 10 Day Challenge is a way to jump start your life.  We hope that you continue to keep going afterwards. Remember to repeat your affirmation list to yourself everyday. 


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