Testimonial about MyGel Flax Seed Gel

Natural Styling Gel for Black Hair

A Testimonial about MyGel Flaxseed Gel and M2 Moisture Mist,

Both are all natural hair care products 

"I recently purchased a this product along with the gel. I wear a wash and go teeny weeny afro. And I love experimenting with different products. I purchased the M2 Moisture Mist and the gel because my daily routine involves wetting, my hair, applying a leave in conditioner and then a gel (I wash and condition 2-3 per week). I love both of these products. And I have tried a lot of hair products since I’ve been wearing a wash and go. My hair is soft. I love the definition of my curls and there is no residue. I can’t wait to try her other products." Vonita Burke





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