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Cocoa Butter 101: What products are made with cocoa butter?

Cocoa Butter 101:

What is it? What products are made with Cocoa Butter?

By: NaturallyFrie

Cacao butter (known in America as Cocoa butter) is believed to have originated deep within South America; today you can find the cocoa plant being mass produced almost anywhere. Most commonly associated with chocolate, the cocoa plant is best utilized when used for your hair and skin! Cocoa Butter, though a solid in its most natural state, has multiple active ingredients such as oleic acid (also found in olive oil) that are monounsaturated fats. Cocoa butter is a pale yellow vegetable fat directly extracted from the cocoa bean. Yes I said vegetable! Much like a coffee bean, the cocoa bean is fermented roasted and pressed leaving about half the bean as a liquid form of cocoa butter. Once the residue of the pressing process has rested, the pale yellow solid makes up the cocoa butter that is used today in cosmetic products.

Cocoa butter is used as a key ingredient in B3 Natural Hair Cream. Be on the look out for new products coming to market that contain all natural cocoa butter.

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