Let's Talk Live with Akirah Robinson

Let's Talk Live with Akirah Robinson

Carmella Marie's Let's Talk Live!

Episode 1: Fellow Curl Friend - Break Up Coach Akirah Robinson joins Carmella Marie on Let's Talk Live Episode 1Meet Break Up Coach, Akirah Robinson. 

Akirah was a speaker at Carmella Marie's Mane Event September 26, 2015. We wanted to have her as a guest on the show. Please enjoy. 

This Show aired live on 10/27/15

Let's Talk Live with Akirah Robinson & Carmella Marie 9PM EST.

As women we sometimes have a hard time letting go of things including our dream hair/body type, toxic relationships, bad habits i.e. self sabotage and other things. Akirah and I will discuss topics that will get you to think and make efforts to break up with those bad habits that are holding you back from operating at your best. We will also dive into her book and talk about her official job as a "Break Up Coach"


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