grammy award winner jill scott has a hallmark card collection for valentines day

Curl Friend You Are So Fly

Love is an action word

Valentine's Day is approaching quickly and CurlFriends will go out with their significant other while others will stay at home alone. For February 2017 I challenge everyone to think of someone who may need to be reminded of how fly they are. I believe the perfect card to help you fulfill that challenge is  the Jill Scott Collection. Jill Scott has partnered with Hallmark to create one of the most inspiring, modern collection of Hallmark cards that I have seen in a while. Nevertheless most importantly, remember that love is an action word and in today's world we need to spread as much kindness and love as possible. So if you pick up a Hallmark Jill Scott Card take a picture and send it in to or tag us on Instagram @CarmellaMarie30, we would love to see which one you chose. 

Hallmark Mahogany Card: The Jill Scott Collection

Inside Message: 

Somehow, Sister Friend, you manage to always find grace in the thick. When the world gives you left, you shimmy right with a smile and a style that can't be missed. For this? I clap my hands on your behalf.

You, my friend, know the road and you've certainly done the math. You've got patience and you've got class. I love that you see life as a gift. You are such an inspiration on how to live.

 carmella marie reading hallmark valentine card from a curl friend : the jill scott collection

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