2017 FedEx Small Business Grant

2017 FedEx Small Business Grant

Carmella Marie Needs Your Help!

Please vote once per day and spread our video and the link to all of your friends across the globe. Thank you for your support in advance. I appreciate you. 


Vote by clicking here 


i love your products, they leave my natural curly hair feeling sillky smooth and with a beautiful glow. So proud of you. Carmella Marie, the next Madam Walker ?

Arnita Hollis

I’m so proud of you Carmela. I need your help with my grand daughter’s hair it is so dry and matter to her head. She is a year old can you recommend what I should do for her thank you

Janice Robinson/Cospy

I’ll vote everyday, you deserve this!

Liksha Hoskins

Soooooo proud of you

Jill jackson

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