what snap chat and insta stories mean for natural hair industry

Update: Marketing Game Changers for Natural Hair Industry Using SnapChat & Insta Stories

Marketing Game Changers for Natural Hair Industry

For the Natural Hair Industry

I wrote about SnapChat earlier in 2016. Now that I’ve had time to use it I am noticing the difference it makes in terms of reaching people. SnapChat gives the world an inside view of your life as the business owner. Sometimes I have some good things to share, sometimes I don't.  This tool allows  people to  see what it takes from day to day to be a business owner and this allows me to build a relationship, and share the business,  with them on a more personal level. them to have a closer tie to you and the business.  

Q & A

Q:  Why don't you use SnapChat more often?

A: Sometimes I don't feel like sharing... I have also felt that what I had to share wasn't valuable enough. I think that I am over that insecurity now. My goal in 2017 is to share more. But in some cases I would like to just exist in the moment and enjoy it and I am okay with that.

Q: How do you get sales from SnapChat followers?

snap chat for natural hair industryA: I am not on there to make sales, I am there to bring value and create a close relationship with people.  Even though it may not lead to a direct sale, I am okay with that.
My theory on Marketing: If you give, it shall be given right back to you. But you have to know that the return might not be what you think it should be and in the end you have to be okay with that.  If you can give and bring value to someone's life on a consistent basis you will build a solid foundation that can never be unearthed.

What has changed with SC since March of 2016: The age group has gotten slightly older thus there are more people watching my stories rather than making their own story. Instagram has also added a snapchat like feature to their platform called it Stories and it is rivaling Snapchat because for me I have more followers on IG than on snapchat. As a result I put forth an effort to post more on IG. But I still love snap because I feel the audience is a bit more playful and laid back.

2017 Plans: To increase the content that brings more value to people's lives. How? I am going to pay closer attention to the things I often take advantage of and start sharing it. Gary V. always talks about self awareness and I have come to terms with the fact that I have some pretty insightful things to share to share with the world. I can only be aware if I sit still long enough to see what makes me who I am...

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below. Thank you for your time. I will write more posts as I learn more. 

Carmella M. Williams

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