Nicole Russell is #CrownFocused

Nicole Russell is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Precious Dreams Foundation where she has made a global impact on thousands of homeless and foster youth by teaching self-care and empowering young adults to harness their creative energies. She is a lead advocator for mental health, human rights and the well-being of children.

Nicole Russell is #crownfocused Since the inception of Precious Dreams Foundation in 2012, Nicole’s accolades include GLAMOUR’s “Everyday Hero of the Year”, Observer’s “Top 20 Heroes Under 40”, Walmart’s “Community Playmaker Award” as well as a featured piece recognizing her efforts in O, The Oprah Magazine. When she’s not giving back, Nicole enjoys playing golf, watching basketball and writing music.This New York native also inspires everyday people to become emotionally independent through her speaking engagements, private sessions and seminars.

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