The Mane Event Recap: How to Make Lemonade

The Mane Event Recap: How to Make Lemonade

Building Self Esteem

The Mane Event Recap

Here are some notes from Sharmayne Bolling's Buisling Self Esteem: "How to Make Lemonade" session. 
Notes by: Janel Liles
Photo by: PictureThis

Sharmayne Bolling speaking at Carmella Marie's 2016 Let's Talk hair the mane event
"Building self esteem is not easy [but it is] necessary for a stable mindset. You have to see yourself as valuable."

"Becoming natural is a process. I've transitioned 3 times. If you don't have the knowledge you can get discouraged.
Regardless of what ppl say you have to look inward. There's all types of ways to wear your hair natural. You have to just find what works for you (head wraps, protective styles, big chop etc.)."


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