Twenty-Five Years of Textured  Hair Domination

Twenty-Five Years of Textured Hair Domination

Twenty-Five Years of Textured

Hair Domination

One of the most prominent natural hair care trailblazers is Lisa Price. She is the founder of Carol’s Daughter. Lisa chose her path 25 years ago, and since then she has helped millions of women love their hair using her hair products, that are “made with love” in Brooklyn.

Lisa worked hard over the years to build a solid brand. While at festivals and fleas she & her team did market research, learned about merchandising, customer service, and branding. Since conception Lisa’s main goal was to create an experience for African American women; something that was lacking in mainstream media.

Lisa recalls the days when she, “came in with the flowers and all the pretty things,” to adorn her booth custom her husband Gordon built. Lisa inspired many women to embrace the natural texture of their hair and to follow in her entrepreneurial footsteps.

carol's daughter

This boss lady has encouraged companies such as Curls, The Mane Choice, Carmella Marie, Mielle Organics, Oyin, and others to provide products for textured hair. One heart-touching entrepreneur is Carmella M. Williams, the owner of Carmella Marie who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

She stumbled upon an intimate women empowerment session at the Essence Fest where Lisa was speaking to a group of entrepreneurs. Carmella got a chance to learn from one of the greats, and ask life-changing questions. One piece of advice Lisa told the group, “get a distant mentor.”

Lisa went on to say the individual doesn’t necessarily have to be in your industry. She told the women that a mentor doesn’t have to be up close and personal, but it should be a person that you study. With that said the women in the room took her advice and found someone to follow on social media, podcasts, and even, documentaries.

If you ever check out Lisa’s Instagram page, you will soon find that she pours out wisdom, love and real moments to help remind distant mentees that entrepreneurship is a journey with potholes, smooth highways, great sunrises, and sunsets.

As long as you don’t stop at the first speed bump or storm, you will always have a great moment and many golden hour opportunities. On May 31st Karleen Roy, founder of The Vanity Group brought the Carol’s Daughter brand to life for the guest attending the 25th-anniversary celebration.

She created a true Carol’s Daughter experience, from the Stoop in Fort Greene to the Kitchen, to the Living Room the Flea Market & more. Since Lisa cares about her distant mentees, she shared a detailed account of the celebration that night, so no one felt left out.

The 25th anniversary celebration took place at the National Museum of African American History and Culture where Boss ladies like Myleik of curBox, Eunique Jones Gibson of Because of Them, and Ada Rojas an Afro-Latina Blogger were in attendance.

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