Ohio and Detroit based natural hair company working together for the love of the curls

A Lovely Collaboration

EverButter & Carmella Marie

Product Review

We often don't get a chance to see women celebrating other women, but just as Adele showed Beyonce so much love during her acceptance speech at the 59th Grammy Award show we want to keep that same spirit of love and awareness going.

With that said, CM is now collaborating with EverButter to get the best twist out results ever. Watch InTailand below to see her results after using EveryButter's Chocolate Soufflé and their Spring Sensation Oil  along with Carmella Marie's M2 Moisture Mist and MyGel Flaxseed Gel


In 2017 we intend to do more product collaborations to prove to the world that women can go further together. 

ohio natural hair product company for curly hair is having a sale

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