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Short Hair Story 

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I'm letting you all in on all my hair secrets this week. Looking for defined curls that still have volume? Look no further than @carmellamarie30's MyGel Flaxseed Gel! If you've been following my routine for a while, then you know that this has been my A1 since day 1. I'm obsessed with this product and its light hold leaving plenty of flexibility for bouncy, blow-in-the-wind curls.

Tips from a Curly Girl

Flax seeds are full of omega 3's which help the hair to be less prone to breakage and dryness. Over time this lightweight yet effective gel will make your hair more elastic (flexible). The best results are seen when  you layer it on after either Hair Lotion (fluffy and light for hair that can't take much weight) or Treasure (heavier cream for hair that needs extra moisture). 

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