Full Wash Day with Liz!

"I’ve been feeling wash n go’s all summer but today was my first time officially reviewing a multitude of products from one of my OG brands (meaning a brand I’ve been using since BEFORE blogging) @carmellamarie30 . I’ve only EVER used her honey hibiscus deep conditioner, which I went through about 3 bottles of & finally purchased a 16oz last Black Friday.

She sent me some more of her products recently and I’m wondering why i ever limited myself to just the deep conditioner (maybe because I’m frugal with everything other than food TBH). Anyways, I got a mini tutorial video coming for you soon (maybe this evening, maybe tomorrow, who knows!). - - - For this look I cleansed AND detangled with her Clarifying cleanser, detangled even more & hydrated with her honey hibiscus deep conditioner, hydrated even more with the M2 moisture mist & sealed in the moisture with the Treasure moisturizing styling cream (which has the consistency of a butter, at least mine does). - - - I’ll do individual reviews of each product along with my mini tutorial!"

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